one of the hardest things to do in this process we call life is accept the current situation we are in. not only is it difficult to accept our hardships but also that which is good (‘too good to be true‘). we are in an era where people are too afraid to be ‘real’ and ‘blunt’ all the while boosting our shortcomings with participation awards and getting pats on the back for accomplishing pretty much nothing. this in term effects the general mass as we expect everything to be sugar and spice and everything nice. we can do no wrong and are to be perceived (at least by ourselves) as these perfect beings. well aren’t we? no.

while it was nice growing up with the idea of things like Santa Clause, the Tooth fairy and ‘happy endings’ (no, not that kind of ending), sadly, these concepts are all just a facade (sorry). they do not exist in the real world. by believing such fake prophecies and immersing ourselves in such lies, we grow up tending to think that everything should be a certain way- our way. so when the day comes where something (or nothing) seems to be going in our direction, we encounter a metaphoric Pootie Tang-like smack in the face.

now, i’m not saying our parents did us wrong by raising us this way (blame society). it is natural to be protective of your children and shelter them from the evils this cruel world can spawn upon us. however, it is our job now to recognize what has been embedded in our mind all these years and reprogram our train of thought to help not only embrace what is and what isn’t but also to help guide us in the long run. i mean things can be bad now but they can also be (and could’ve been) much worse. it all depends on how we see things or how we are made to believe things are, all of which is in our power.

acceptance is a strange, yet powerful word. at first glance, many (including myself) get confused at what it really means. acceptance is acknowledging your current and your past and taking it for what it is (or was). acceptance does not mean that you cannot potentially change the outcome nor that what has happened is right. it is the awareness of the situation and the absence of resistance from it. once you can free yourself of resistance, you are one step further from entitlement and one step closer to life itself.

the following will help guide those looking to be accepting…

Let Go Of The Rope

by rope, i’m talking about that metaphoric rope you’re pulling against life itself. as mentioned before, many cannot come to terms with their lives simply because of the belief that things should (or shouldn’t) be a certain way. we are resisting life and trying to make it go in our favor but it doesn’t work that way. when we let go of this resistance and flow with life rather than compete against it in a grueling game of tug of war, we can then move on to see the possibilities of making life even greater. look into what you’re resisting (physically, mentally, and even spiritually) but don’t try to change it just yet- just acknowledge the fact, the feeling and what’s holding you back. after you take notice, then take action.

Be Kind

we all know the world can be very cruel and harsh at times. so much so that we learn and reciprocate the effort. but who falls victim at the end of the day? us. yes, we can be (and are) mean to others but the ones who experience the worst of our cruelty is ourselves. we tend to be much harder on ourselves than anyone/anything else. whenever we do something we perceive as wrong or whenever we’re not yielding expected results in life, we tend to point the finger (the middle one) back at us while throwing any other insults we can think of in our own face. instead, we need to reassure ourselves that what we have done happens and is normal. that everything will be okay and it’s not the end of the world. that we are better than this and it’s just another learning experience life has graced us with. just like you can be reassuring and kind to a friend who is suffering, you should treat yourself with the same care.

The World Is Yours

this is my shit

once you come to terms with life and where you stand in it and learn to be self-compassionate (and compassionate as a result), you will then begin to see all the possibilities which life holds. this is the part where you become one with life and structure yourself around it. student loans stressing you? plan a budget and a strategy to tackle your financial burden. trouble standing up for yourself? find an exercise routine and diet plan that meet your goals or find a dojo and practice martial arts. lack creativity? buy (or rent) an instrument and learn to play it through an online course. acceptance is the key. let go, open your heart, and enjoy life.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask away in the below comment section. also, if this article has been helpful, you can also comment and share with those like us 🙂

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