Unlocking Your Potential: How to Level Up

if you’re anything like me, i’m constantly wondering ‘what is my limit?” or if i have any type of limitations in my life. this can be something physical, mental, spiritual, whatever. i constantly push myself past my previous boundaries, which i did not think was possible to surpass, and i’m always happy with the result. in effect, my confidence grows making me want to take on the next ‘limit’ and thus becoming a beautiful, everlasting cycle of growth.

pushing your limits is not only a great ‘character building’ initiative but also a great way to get the most out of life. you can’t get the most without exceeding boundaries (i don’t mean trespassing or any of that illegal stuff). how would you know what you’re capable of if you haven’t ‘tested the waters’? growing in this sense puts you in a better position for anything life throws at you and also can make you a great asset others would love to have around.

here’s a few concepts on crushing any limit and challenging the status quo..

Question Everything

just like when you were a toddler, ask away.

question every single thing. not good in social situations? Google ‘how to be more charismatic’. don’t know how to be in the moment? go to Barnes and Noble and find a book on mindfulness. wanna learn how to dance? YouTube it. for all your questions and concerns, an answer already exists. all you have to do is search for it. don’t run away from your issues or occupy yourself with insignificant tasks. question your discomfort and tackle it head on.

Mind ya business

stop worrying about others. i’ve mentioned this before and i really mean it. this is a complete waste of energy and mental capacity. you’ll never be able to truly, genuinely realize what you want for yourself if you keep thinking with everyone in mind. your judgement will come second to everyone else’s if you can’t think independently. whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are evaluating something such as how you ‘feel’, ask yourself: do i truly feel this way or do i feel this way because i don’t want to be misjudged or seen as an outcast? as long as your decision makes you feel happy and doesn’t hurt or negatively impact anyone, including yourself, nothing else should matter.


visualize your ‘ideal’ self or who you want to become, as of right now. not who you wanted to be (although this info could help) or who you might want to be but who you aspire to become as of this present moment. take that thought and materialize it. write it down, draw it out, say it loud. whatever medium of your choosing. put the energy out there and set it in motion. this image or idea of you can change (and most likely will) and that’s 100,000,000% OK. life is dynamic and so are you. so embrace it.

Be Relentless

continue to hack at it. it won’t feel comfortable, ya know, to put yourself first and do things in pursuit of your potential and it will never be (blame ‘society’). you’ll always have to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve growth. keep going and value your time more than anything else and use it wisely. also, learn how to say ‘no’ (believe me, this tip does WONDERS)

Keep your head up

don’t get discouraged. don’t stop believing.

This video gets me every time..

do i need to say more? it’s not always going to go your way. you’re probably going to look ‘stupid’ doing some of these new things. your expectations aren’t going to be met all the time. people (yes- even those closest to you) will doubt you and throw shade, negativity your way. this comes in many forms. fail….fail…fail…FAIL! ‘failing’ is just a stepping stone or a building block toward your potential. the most successful people in the history of human existence have ‘failed’ substantially more than they have even succeeded. these ‘failures’ are just signs from the universe telling us that we are on the right path. i put ‘fail’ in quotes because this is what we have been taught to be as negative. the word itself is worse than the actual event or experience attached to it. we were meant to ‘fail’ and in order to be the best we could possibly be, we need to keep failing. in failure we find success. so keep failing gracefully, with a smile.

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Getting out of your head

of all the obstacles we confront on a daily basis (inclement weather, insomnia, waking up to no notifications), the one which impacts us the most is ourselves. you could have all the money, time and energy in the world but if you’re stuck in your head it is as if nothing is right and the universe is plotting against you.

i, for one, have never claimed myself to be a ‘victim’ or someone who didn’t ‘deserve’ to be in an unfortunate situation. however, i did have this weird idea that ‘it shouldn’t be this way’ whenever things didn’t go my way. once i realized that i could not only take control of how i perceive a situation but also how i react to them, i got my first taste of freedom.

below you’ll find some guidance on how you can be liberated from the slavery you have placed upon yourself and live life on your own terms..


rise and shine! wake up and open your eye. yes, eye- singular. the one that rests somewhere in the middle of your forehead, just above your eye brows (or ‘brow’ if you believe in unity)

get a good look for what ‘is’. acknowledge your current situation by using mindfulness to bring you back to the now then journal/write down all of it. be as objective as possible, as if a complete stranger were to evaluate it. knowing where you stand is a major key (Another one) in taking your first step (no pun intended) into reality.


take a look at your current state and all which you have acknowledged objectively. if you can change a given situation you dislike, do it. if you can’t, accept it- there’s nothing you can do so why waste your precious energy on resentment and unnecessary anxiety? utilize that energy for your own benefit- to put yourself in a better situation and to change that which you can.


pay attention! (it’s free)

use every bit of it to focus on what’s really important, on what’s going to help you progress. your attention is so crucial but yet is taken for granted. stay present in the moment and just be. to do this, take a deep breath when things start getting a bit crazy or try to mentally ‘feel your toes’ (literally). also, be mindful to all the information you are being fed- this ranges from watching tv and listening to music to reading and being on social media. what goes in, grows in.


in order to keep that attention, make plans and take action. work on those areas which you struggled with before or on some positive things that will help you in pursuit of a goal or to better habits. not only will you achieve more, but you will also stray away from anything that’s toxic for your health.

unAssume? (yes- i just made that up)

it is what it is and how it should be. stop expecting anything from anyone or any situation. life is unpredictable so stop pretending you’re Miss Cleo.

release yourself and let go of any assumptions. when you don’t expect anything in any given situation, not only do you avoid disappointment (from lack of comparison) but you also become more open to infinite possibilities. although a pair of situations may be alike, no two experiences are ever the same. also, stop worrying about what others think. just like our thoughts can be random, theirs can too. so next time you’re worried someone thinks you’re an Ol’ Dirty Bastard, they might just be thinking about how many White Claws they drank last night.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask away in the below comment section. also, if this article has been helpful, you can also comment and share with those like us πŸ™‚